By placing your booking over the telephone, by email or via social media , the customer accepts they are bound by the terms and conditions below


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OFFICE NUMBER : 01212881999 Email UKHDCCTV@gmail.com

1. Person ordering the installation will be required to be at house on scheduled time and date. As you will be required to sign off on the installation plan at the start of the install process. ​

2.*Important information - Failure to give adequate notice if cancelling will result in a charges. (3.3) T&C Equipment to be installed at your home. 

3.Payment must be made before installer leaves the installation address, via bank transfer

4. You will require a compatible TV at location  so we are able to set the CCTV up. If you do not have a TV let us know in advance and we can bring one to set your CCTV system up.

5. System upgrade - Customer to use their or using own cabling. If any cable is found to be faulty or non functioning. The installer will discuss options and price to rewire. it is the customers responsibility to let HD CCTV know the current state of their CCTV system, failure to disclose information or giving misleading information which causes HD CCTV to be at Loss such as labour time HD CCTV will bill the customer name on the invoice for all costs. Payment for such costs should be made before the installer leaves. 

    1.    The Planning your CCTV 

Our CCTV engineer will on the day of installation plan the your security system with yourself. We will give you the best advice and explain the best place to have the system to minimise cabling. if you choose not to follow our advice or have decided where you want your CCTV system you will be required to sign off on the plan agreed before installation or if you decided not to proceed with the installation charges may apply for us attending. 
1.1 Additional work or parts required. If you have planned your system yourself or there are additional parts required to complete your installation that Birmingham CCTV are unaware of such as 1. Trunking , Powerline adapters , HDMI cable extenders Birmingham CCTV will invoice you for any and all parts or equipment needed to complete your order and payment must be made on completion. 
1.2 CCTV upgrade Birmingham CCTV offer a upgrade service to previously installed CCTV equipment that has  not been provided by Birmingham CCTV. The customer will be asked if all CCTV cameras are on and functioning. 
1.3 It is the customers responsibility to provide as much information to Birmingham CCTV on the current state of their CCTV system. 
1.4 Birmingham CCTV will on the day of installation test and confirm viability of all cctv cable and if any is found to be non functioning Birmingham CCTV will quote for additional work. 
1.5 If the Customer who scheduled the installation,  does not want the work completed by Birmingham CCTV 
1.6 The person named on the invoice and who scheduled the installation date will be expected to pay our installers daily labour rate. Payment must be made before installer leaves. 

2. Consumer Contracts Regulations. 

You have 14 calendar days to cancel the order agreed by yourself with Birmingham CCTV  if purchased your CCTV system over the phone or electroniclly via social media under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. 
2.2 The 14 days starts from the day you provide and book your installation date. By providing your information and requesting a date you are giving consent to proceed with the installation and order. 

3. If your installation is scheduled before the 14 days cooling off period , you are giving consent to wave the 14 day cooling off period. 
3.1 If you have to reschedule or cancel please contact Birmingham CCTV  with as much reasonable notice via phone call NOT electronic mail or text, please call 01212881999, 
3.2 if reasonable notice is given deposit will be transferable to new date, 
3.3 If unreasonable notice or no notice is given to cancellation any deposit paid in advance will be forfeited. Example of unreasonable notice, Rescheduling or cancelling the day before or even on the date of installation, 
Birmingham CCTV will invoice the person named on this invoice any and all charges associated if unreasonable notice is not given such as; 
3.4 installer daily Labour rate any 
3.5 Restocking of special items ordered by the person named on this invoice. 
Birmingham CCTV will look to reclaimed any and all costs incurred to Birmingham CCTV via invoice to the customer, by agreeing to the installation date you are giving electronic consent to these term’s and conditions. 

4 it is the customers responsibility to ensure that all equipment and colours of cameras  are listed on the invoice are correct. CCTV camera colours have to be requested at Point of sale and listed on the invoice under description. Colour of cameras will vary with supply and Birmingham CCTV will use what ever colour are available at the time of installation. The colours of your cameras will match. 
4.1 If Birmingham CCTV have to leave on the agreed installation date due to customer changing mind on equipment a labour charge will be billed to the person scheduling the visit. 
4.2 You will be required to sign a job completion notice agreeing that you are happy with work completed and agreeing with the terms of service provided. 

5. Payment, We accept bank transfer 

6. All Equipment will remain the property of Birmingham CCTV until FULL payment is made and invoice given. 
6.1 Snap finance - if finance is withdrawn or reclaimed at any point for your chosen CCTV system the full Balance of agreed service or product will be immediately due failure to make full payment will result in further charges associated with reclaiming payment for services rendered. 
6.2 Birmingham CCTV reserve the right to take court action for non payment  of any service or products provided in this invoice. Birmingham CCTV will look to reclaim also any additional costs to Birmingham CCTV associated with the recovery of money owed such as any and all legal fees, debt recovery fees, court fees and solicitor fees as well as interest to recover money owed. 
6.3 Being a social media based business Birmingham CCTV love to take pictures of our work and do reserve the right to take pictures of any of our products or services provided , Such as the installation of a CCTV system or alarm system. Pictures of the system CCTV your alarm installed image quality day or night. 
Birmingham CCTV reserve the right to login to any system provided as part of our terms and conditions of warranty to ensure equipment is functioning. We will
Inform you on the day of installation and will show you how to change default passwords ensuring that the system integrity is maintained by yourself only. 
BirHD mingham CCTV reserve the right to use images for marketing purposes of any products or services offered such as image quality of CCTV cameras audio quality. 
6.4 All sales are final, Birmingham CCTV will do our best to ensure that your CCTV system meets your requirements , you will be required to sign on completion as an acceptance of delivery of your order. You will be provided a copy of this document. 
on the installation images will be taken of work completed to ensure the system is functioning. Birmingham CCTV have a no refund policy will be given once installation has been completed. 
6.5 Removal of CCTV system is subject to a minimum labour charge of £200. If we have installed any equipment and are instructed by yourself to remove or stop working or you have failed to make payment. Birmingham CCTV will invoice and expect payment on day of installation for the above labour charge outline for any and all services given. 
6.6 Please make us aware in advance if you do not wish us to use any images for marketing purposes. 
6.7 Birmingham CCTV will log into your system on or around your installation date to ensure the system is functioning by a installer. We will check that  functions such as night vision, play back mobile access is working. Birmingham CCTV will take Images of this check via screen shots and these images will be stored securely in our data base which will comply with GDRP guild lines. 
6.8 You will be notified by the installer on the day of installation how how to change any passwords. If Consent not given for us to access the system after the installation has taken place to ensure all functions are working and a fault occurs with the equipment and we are unable to access online to rerectiy and have to return to site this return will subject to a callout fee. 

7. Working environment It’s the customers responsibility to provide a clean safe working environment free from hazards. Example of this work space being clean from clutter inside and out of the property. 
7.1  It is the customers responsibility to provide a working compatible TV - If you are unsure please contact us on 01212881999, if your tv or no notice is not given a charge will apply to re-attend the property. We can bring a tv if notice is given. 
7.2 Internet/ broadband at the property where the CCTV is to be installed on the day of CCTV installation. in the event of Birmingham CCTV having returning, there will be a charge.
7.3 any additional work outside what has been agreed in this invoice such as equipment changes or rewires will be subject to a labour charge. 

8. If Alarm system is to be installed there must be a active phone line for the dialler to function.

9. Weather in the event of heavy rain, snow , or wind that may be hazardous to health,
Birmingham CCTV will discuss with yourself rescheduling the installation of your security system to a day where it is safe to work at no cost to yourself. If you chose to cancel any deposit paid will taken as payment for time scheduled. 

10. Stock - Birmingham CCTV on occasions have CCTV mailed to your address on a pre 1030 delivery. You will be notified if this is to be arranged. You will be requested to sign for the parcel via DPD , Interlink , DHL 
10.1 Important: If the parcel is rejected by yourself or others at the installation address given a labour surcharge will be applicable.
Support YouTube  https://youtube.com/channel/UCQxKK_F_GMlfWvFr7ixn53


12. Support CCTV systems come with a standard 2 year EQUIPMENT  WARRANTY . Any damage by you or a third party will result in warranty being withdrawn. We will do our best to help you if you have experienced damage to your CCTV system. In the event of damage please contact us 01212881999 as we want to make sure your system is functioning. 
Warranty does not include cabling and Sundry devices such as HDMI cables or Powerline adapters. 
12.1 All Alarm systems comes with a 12 month standard warranty that included batteries. 
12.2 All Smart WiFi doorbells warranty are transferable to the manufacturer Birmingham CCTV * Do not provide a warranty with any door bell  please contact ring customer support on 01727 26 3045.
12.3 To maintain your CCTV system
A call out charge of £40 will be applied and paid in advance for all call outs for any service rendered such as fault finding, password resets, broadband reset. 
12.4 Birmingham CCTV reserve the right to withdraw any support and all services at anytime if it is suspected tampering has occurred with any equipment provided. Please contact us if you are experiencing any issues with your CCTV system on 01212881999. 

13. Once installation has been completed and payment is made any adjustments alterations to your CCTV system will be subject to a labour charge see 7.3 
13.1 Please ensure that you are happy with the installation before payment has been made as by making payment and signing the delivery note you are agreeing that all services or products provided are satisfactory as have been provided as described. You will receive a copy of invoice via email and also receive a delivery note. 

14. Due to the Covid 19 outbreak Birmingham CCTV has a  ethical responsibility to protect our customer and team members, which we take seriously. 
15. Birmingham CCTV will be adhering to government guide lines regarding social distancing in regards to your installation of CCTV system.
16. Steps Birmingham CCTV will follow
17. 1. All planning of your installation:
18. conducted outside with a minimum of 2 meter distance all times between customer and installer.
Please only have two people in the room while installer is working. 
20. Leave the windows in that room open. Please ensure that the area being worked in has been cleaned and while the installer is in that room no one is present at the time. 
21. We really hope that you can help us maintain the safety of our workforce and also yourselves. 
22. Failure to provide a safe clean working environment, Will result in the installer leaving and charges may apply. We appreciate your service and I looking forward to helping secure what is important to you.