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Only burglary, criminal damage and vehicle crime are high. CCTV can help deter both theft and vehicle crime – the fact that the criminal knows they are being recorded is enough usually to force them to move on to another target in Birmingham. Criminal damage again, once recorded can provide excellent evidence for the Police. Crime Rates in Birmingham This past year, the crime rate in Birmingham has been the highest across the West Midlands force area. A worrying average of 69.96 recorded crimes per 1000 citizens. While surrounding areas face much lower rates – 44.74 in Dudley and 57.38 in Solihull, the number of reported crimes within Birmingham city consistently tops that of both Wolverhampton and Coventry. West Midlands police have had many successful campaigns against various types of crime over the last 24 months but reports of Shoplifting and Antisocial behaviour have seen a sharp rise. A simple, cost-effective way to protect your business or domestic premises is to invest in a properly managed CCTV system. We can provide: Friendly advice on options to meet your specific requirements, Professional installation to reduce blind spots, Latest equipment for clear, powerful images – you can even view on your phone We offer can help you secure what is most important to you and offer the following 

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We have prepared an in-depth Home Security Guide to help you better protect your home against burglary and damage. For all homeowners, security is a major concern. The prospect of your home falling victim to criminals is a nightmare scenario and, as such, crime statistics in Britain can be very worrying. Statistics which show that a burglary occurs every 30 seconds and that, on average, one car is stolen every minute in the UK, are extremely disturbing. If we add on to this the fact that burglars are increasingly targeting gardens and garages to steal valuable equipment and ornaments then we can end up with a fairly bleak outlook when it comes to crime in the UK.


There is no question that these statistics should be of great concern to homeowners, but there is good news as well as bad. While crime statistics may prove daunting at first, a closer inspection of property crime in the UK reveals that much of it can be prevented if homeowners take several effective yet simple steps. It is important to bear in mind that 80% of burglars are opportunists. They are not criminal masterminds and, more than anything, they are looking for easy targets. If you can ensure that your home does not advertise itself to burglars as an easy target, then the likelihood of it falling victim to an opportunist burglar is significantly reduced. It is staggering to see that 20% of burglars do not have to force entry when they burgle a home. Instead, they simply walk in. This suggests that one fifth of burglaries in the UK could be prevented by doing things as simple as ensuring that doors and windows are locked.

Depending upon your specific requirements, our surveyors can suggest the best way to deter, monitor or identify criminal activity in your area – and put a stop to it. Our engineers are professional in CCTV Installation in Birmingham and can help with full CCTV systems to both businesses and homes in the Birmingham area. We offer CCTV installation services across the Birmingham and wider West Midlands area. Whether you are a homeowner who wants a new CCTV system to protect their property or if you are a business owner who wants to prevent theft or protect their staff, we can help. Working on properties of all sizes and shapes, we can come up with the perfect CCTV solution for your needs and budget. With highly experienced local installers, a 12 month warranty and ongoing technical support packages available, we’re the number one choice for CCTV installation in Birmingham.

Interestingly, the perception of how burglaries occur appears to be skewed in a way that can make homeowners more vulnerable. For example, when you imagine a burglary, what do you see? Is it a man sneaking into your home in the middle of the night while you sleep? After all, how many people do you know who sleep with a cricket bat by their bed incase they need to scare off a late night intruder? If this is your perception of how are burglary occurs then it may well be of interest to you that the majority of burglaries take place during the day. You may lock up at night, sleep with a torch and cricket bat by your bed, and even set your house alarm, but if the security of your home is lax during the day then your vulnerability to burglary is still high. It is perceptions such as the night time burglar that can mislead homeowners and allow criminals to take advantage. So to achieve effective security, it important to work based on facts, and not commonly held perceptions.

Do you know which area of your home a burglar is most likely to target? You might have a big, heavy front door complete with several locks, bolts and chains, but that isn’t going to deter the 60% of burglars who target the rear of your home, looking for a weak back door and open windows. Again, this highlights the importance of creating a security plan for your home which is based on facts. When you know these facts, it becomes a lot easier to effectively deter criminals from your property and can give you a lot more confidence in the security of your home.

At the very start of this home security guide, before we have committed to any attempt at a detailed analysis of home security, we are still in a position to offer three key pieces of very simple advice which can significantly increase the security of your home.

Always remember that:

80% of burglars are opportunists and 20% of them do not even have to force entry when they target a home. As such, while the advice to lock windows and doors sounds simple, it is simply effective. 60% of burglaries take place when a burglar approaches the rear of your house. Therefore, you should be especially mindful of securing this area of your house. Preventing easy access to the rear of your home is very important. Most burglaries take place during the day, often while homeowners are out at work. Therefore, ensuring your property is secure during daylight hours is exceptionally important. Bearing these key facts in mind can provide you with a good platform from which to work when you aim to ensure your home. It also upon these three key facts that the rest of this guide will build to provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you secure your house while ensuring that it remains homely rather than prison-like.

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